Thursday, 8 December 2011

All I want for Christmas............

One of the best things (well not for my bank balance) about working in design, is you are constantly exposed to some of the fabulous work of others; so with that in mind - I have found my must have wish list for Christmas 2011.
Present 1. An art work by Miranda Skoczek.
Did you know her work is available via The Edwina Corlette Gallery (family and friends take note) and they now let you lay-by. How cool is that!
Present 2. Next on my wish list would be this little beauty.
She is cutely called Carrie and lives in the backyard of Stylist and Events Guru Jane Frosh. While I'm lingering around Jane's super stylist abode, I think I might just steal this baby and then we come to present 3.
Just the right amount of punk rock and bohemian glamour that I am currently trying to cultivate. This would sit perfectly in my dining room right above this.
Present 4. An art work by Lisa Madigan
I have been obsessed by the work of the Artist Lisa Madigan since I first laid eyes on it (ask anyone I know.) I love her work and could easy wallpaper every wall in my house with it. 
For present five, I head back to the shibori stable and get my self this shibori lamp shade in Indigo. Mmmmmmm... Indigo I'll never get sick of you.
Now, my light situation is sorted and I'll move on to the kitchen for present 6.
This gorgeous photograph from Iain Dawson Gallery (photographer Leila Jefferys) to entertain me while I cook (will try to anyway.)  This photograph is super cute and I read somewhere the other day that Jonathan Alder said "they were irresistible." Can't bet that for a wrap now can you!!!
Now, I've got something fabulous for every wall in my house and there's really no excuse for my person not to have some glamour's as well.  I was lucky enough for my birthday a month a go to score a ring by Jewellery Designer Jessica Davison, but what the heck it's Christmas so I think I'll ask for this little beauty.

Well there you go, my long (and fabulous) Christmas wish list... Now I just need to find some people to buy them for me.

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